Behringer Ultra Metal UM300

The guitarist is always in search of the best distortion pedal to make the perfect metallic sound. They look for it because they all know that it is the middle frequencies that make all the difference. This is the reason that BEHRINGER ULTRA METAL UM300 has become the first choice of the musicians because it provides them with the control over the mids. Not only that it allows them to control and micromanage them as well that makes the real rock and metal sound effects.

Behringer Ultra Metal Um300 Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal
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Behringer Ultra Metal Um300 Heavy Metal Distortion Effects Pedal
  • Take off with the most extreme and sought-after hard rock or heavy metal distortion
  • Multi-gain circuitry to give you super-thick, tube-like distortion plus endless sustain
  • Dedicated Distortion, 3-band EQ and Level controls for awesome sound shaping
  • Blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)

It is manufactured with the level and the distortion controls. You will also get the access to the highs and lows of the sounds. BEHRINGER ULTRA METAL UM300 is just like the mixing consoles that will allow you to create the pitch that you desire. You can start from the frequency of the midrange and then reach up to the 15 dB that is simply the best boost that you can utilize.

Product features

You will gain the following amazing features with the BEHRINGER ULTRA METAL UM300:

  • Will allow you to grab the attention of the audience with the perfect high rock and metal sounds
  • It is manufactured with the multi-gain circuitry that will provide you with tube-like and super thick
  • distortion
  • It has a dedicated distortion because of the 3 EQ band technology and the level controls that will allow
  • you to shape the sounds perfectly
  • It is perfect for shaping the sounds
  • It will allow you to check the battery by showing the status through the LED
  • There is also a blue LED that will inform you whether the distortion pedal is on or off
  • It has a DC power supply that runs on the battery of 9 V


Some of the advantages that you will enjoy with the BEHRINGER ULTRA METAL UM300 are:

  • It will provide you with the high gain scream that you expect from a distortion pedal
  • The distortion pedal will provide you with the variable mid peak
  • It has a sizzling sustain that will allow you to squeeze each note properly
  • The manual 6 controls are easy to use and you will know which one you require to change to get the
  • perfect gain and sound
  • Secured in the high-quality plastic cover it is durable


Some of the drawbacks that you will have to face with the product are:

  • Battery life might cause some of the issues during the live performance
  • You will have to buy the battery every time it drains

Final verdict

It has a 4.1 out if the 5 start rating which proves that it is a product worth spending the money. It will help you perfectly grab the attention of the audiences and make them rock on the tones of your music.

So make sure that you invest in the right distortion pedal. Get the BEHRINGER ULTRA METAL UM300 today and experience sound in a new way.